Halloween at the Hollywood Bowl

Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl is the worlds

This year’s Halloween was a no tricks all treats affair at Los Angeles’s Hollywood Bowl. The most upscale and memorable Halloween Party I’ve ever been to, this amazing live to film performance pulled out all the stops including a full orchestra and a choir. Danny Elfman was there singing the scores for this wonderful soundtrack. Elfman was joined by members of the original cast including Catherine O’Hare (Sally, Shock), Paul Reubens (Lock), and Ken Page (Oogie Boogie). The performance by everyone was amazing, transporting me from Los Angeles to Halloween Town.

A costume contest, and trick or treating festivities took place at the venue, with finalist being brought onstage for a crowd vote just before the show.

Nightmare Before Christmas Live to Film at the Hollywood Bowl feat. Danny Elfman -Take A Trip AmyNightmare Before Christmas Live to Film at the Hollywood Bowl feat. Danny Elfman -Take A Trip AmyKnow before you go


There are three types of seats you can purchase. Box seats, plastic folding seats with cup holders (think movie theater), and bench seats. If you don’t have a stadium cushion for the bench seats, they’re available to rent at $1 each.

All available parking at the bowl parking lots is stack parking, meaning you won’t be going anywhere until the person in front of you is in their car as well. As such, there is no early departure. To learn more, or to explore other options regarding parking at the Hollywood Bowl or to learn about the shuttle service available, click here. We opted for the shuttle service available, and thought it was an A + decision.

Many areas of the grounds are open as early as four hours before the show, several of which do not require you to pass through security. Click here for a map of the grounds and picnic areas.

What you can bring
Please note that the rules of what you can and can’t take inside the venue vary based on if the event is a leased event or not. For normal events, you can find a list of what you can bring here. For leased events, you can find a list here.

More on visiting the Hollywood Bowl
The Hollywood Bowl website has a comprehensive guide for newcomers here.

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