OUTATIME Screening at Peterson Automotive Museum.

Film documentary OUTATIME was screened at the Peterson Automotive Museum last Saturday. The film follows the restoration process of the film prop Time Machine DeLorean. Watch as it is restored to work as it appears in the 1985 film Back to the Future. I was left with a newfound appreciation for the fully restored Time Machine once I had seen the restoration process at work.

The condition the car had become before the crew started was shocking. It had been parted, left in the sun, rained in, and lived in by various animals. The crew faced specific challenges such as the search for specific wires and parts that were obscure in 1985, and now they needed to find matches 30 years later. In addition, there were parts of the car that were never functional in 1985. It was with the help of digital editing and special effects or ‘movie magic’ they appeared to work. The restoration crew made sure these parts (such as the display on the dashboard Doctor Brown types the dates into) now are fully functional save the ability of actually traveling through time, which they did not address. The documentary did its job, making me appreciate the car much more than I would have before.

The turnout at the museum was huge, with many people standing as there was not enough room for chairs for everyone. It was held in one of the museums galleries, so we got to view it in the company of beautifully restored cars. Personally, we were seated near an old Bugatti. While I’ve never watched a movie in the company of old rare museum quality cars before, the venue is first and foremost a museum and not well suited to movies. Large support pillars in the center of the room blocked the view, requiring several littler flat screens to be placed out so you could see the movie. I didn’t see enough of the museum to feel comfortable reviewing it, but I did see enough to decide I’ll be going back to check out the whole museum during normal visiting hours.

From attending I learned the Peterson Automotive Museum occasionally holds movie nights. I gleaned this when they admitted there was never one so well attended before. To learn about events going on at the museum you can visit their event page here.

After the screening the director and restoration crew were on hand for an informal question and answer session.

The DeLorean is now on permanent loan to the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles with other iconic film cars.

Fully restored Delorean Time Machine from Back to the Future at Peterson Automotive Museum.

Fully restored DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future at Peterson Automotive Museum’s screening of OUTATIME.

Fans' replica DeLorean Time Machines, OUTATIME screening, Peterson Automotive Museum. - Take A Trip Amy

Fans’ replica DeLorean Time Machines, OUTATIME screening.

It was a great documentary. I recommend watching the film when it is released. Check out the trailer below.


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