Wilsons Promontory National Park Hiking Trip Photos: Telegraph Saddle, Little Waterloo Bay, Refuge Cove, & Sealer Cove

One of my favorite places of all time in Australia is Wilsons Promontory National Park. The park is located at the southern most point in Victoria and takes a bit of effort to get to, but is worth the extra effort as it is superb. Beautiful beaches, wildlife, camping, and hiking there is so much for any outdoor enthusiast. I went with an awesome group of people for a 35 km hike over a weekend.
If you have the time to do a hike such as this one I recommend it. For a less adventurous time in this area I hear visiting and staying at the cottages near the lighthouse is quite nice and provides a few more creature comforts including beds, and hot plates. I don’t know much more about it because I opted for a high adventure camping and hiking excursion.
The Itinerary 
Day one: Telegraph Saddle to Little Waterloo Bay to Refuge Cove (18km). We spent the night camping at Refuge Cove.
Day two:  Refuge Cove to Sealer Cove to Telegraph Saddle (17 km)
About the Hike
I found the hike to be challenging, and its various segments range from easy to moderate/hard. I couldn’t find any official measurements regarding elevation changes, but the track gently undulates with climbs and descentsIn addition, you’ll experience portions with cliff sidewalks, rainforest boardwalk, and a segment at Sealers cove you’ll be crossing through the water, so you’ll want to be sure to check the tides to avoid crossing at high tide. You may also want to pack an extra towel to dry off your feet thoroughly with because it still may be deep enough you’ll want to remove your boots. Otherwise the worst muddy bits have boardwalks over them so you won’t experience any difficulty or misery getting through them. An old-timer in the club I went with liked telling stories of the so called ‘glory days’ of his youth when there was no boardwalk. Many portions of the track will reward you with gorgeous views and there’s lots of wildlife around. The photos below are some of my favorite and allow you to see why I very much hope to be going back again someday.
To plan your hiking adventure, and for more detail on these tracks, required permits, and others in the park consult the park notes here.
Other information:
Park visitors sign in and sign out at the visitors center.
You’ll want a way to boil or treat your drinking water depending on which part of the park you visit.
All campsites will need to be booked in advance. Click here for more details regarding that.
There are no campfires in the park.
If you pack it in, you need to pack it out.

Now, I’ll stop blathering because there is nothing I can say that does justice to this wonderful place in Australia. So, look at the photos and see for yourself.

Wilson's Promontory National Park, Victoria, Australia

This looked like a nice stop for a break.

Wilson's Promontory National Park, Victoria, Australia

Wilson's Promontory National Park, Victoria, Australia

It’s so rewarding to be out hiking with yet another splendid beach at Wilson’s Promontory National Park.

Refuge Cove - Wilson's Promontory National Park, Victoria, Australia

Refuge Cove, where we camped, hosted this record of previous visitors.

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