Different Folks, Different Strokes: You Won’t Regret Documenting Your Travel Abroad

Traveling abroad you experience so many things, and you will meet so many different people! You will want to document that time.

For me, I took a journal that I almost never wrote in (failed experiment) and part of my motivation to start my travel blog was when I realized some of the cool stories I had were already fading away.

Travel blogging or extensive journalism/diaries isn’t for everyone, but you really should document your time abroad/at home in a manner that works for you. Much like housework, it can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be, and it will always take as much time as you allow it. Below are some of the creative ways I saw myself and my fellow travelers document our time abroad.

    1. The strategy: Documenting date, location, places visited written down in a journal (or a spreadsheet) each day.
      The Result: A chronological reminder of each place you visited without much further detail.
    2. The strategy: Document location data (or just the places) in a Google Map like the map below.  Add a few notes about each place while you are traveling.
      The result: A map that you can embed on your website, in emails, or keep secret for your personal files. You can also export the data tables.
    3. The strategy: Document every wildlife encounter, and total it up at the end of your trip.
      The result: Knowledge that while traveling you swam with 2 whale sharks, saw 10’s of wild fairy penguins, saw a wombat, a platypus, and wild dingoes. This is a really fun tool to make a nice sign at your welcome home party.
    4. The strategy: Total up the number of Kilometers you traveled by plane, train, bus, tour bus, automobile, bicycle, hiking / bushwalking.
      The result: you have some cool data to impress your friends /family who are science minded and like to measure everything. Plus, it’s pretty cool to say I biked over 150 km around the Port Phillip Bay. Imagine how cool it would be to say well I traveled between destinations by bus for over 5000 km.
    5. The strategy: Start a travel blog.
      The result: depending if you start your blog retroactively or do it in real time, your friends/family/other can read about your adventures. Plus, you get to remember a lot more detail about so many things!
    6. The strategy: Use an electronic maps or physical maps to track your route (some phones have GPS data, or Garmin)
      The result: A map detailing the roads you traveled. Physical maps can be traced with highlighter and stored in a scrapbook or affixed to the wall. Digital Copies can also be included in scrapbook by printing and adding in or imported into a photo book printing service.  
    7. The strategy: Take  pictures on your smart phone.
      The result: Most smart phones will be attach location data and a time stamp to each photo.
    8. The strategy: Set your non-phone digital camera to the correct date and time BEFORE you start the vacation (I had to update mine to reflect local timezone).
      The result: This data will be included in your photo properties which you can look up on your computer. Great for iconic locations.

These are suggestions ranging from passive to very involved. You can do multiple methods, only one, or none (though I’d highly discourage it). It’s up to you to decide!

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