Vegemite: If you don’t like it, you’re probably doing it wrong

While in Australia, I quickly realized my first experience with Vegemite  (around the year 2000) was an unfortunate combination of doing everything you should not do all at once. Here’s a guide to make sure you don’t have an unsavory experience with this tasty spread.

  1. Use it sparingly: Especially if you’re a first timer, a little goes a long way. A piece of toast might have a little evidence of this dark matter you can see in a couple of places on your whole piece of toast. Do not apply it like peanut butter in an even layer a quarter inch thick all over your piece of toast. Less is more.
  2. Eat it with fat: It was a huge revelation that a Vegemite sandwich actually has a piece of cheese in it. If you’re having a piece of toast, butter it first. Don’t like butter? Place some avocado on top of your toast after you apply your Vegemite.
  3. Ensure the Vegemite is not ancient: Unfortunately, my first experience with Vegemite was in the US around the age of ten, packed back from Australia by my grandparents who don’t like it. They’re also of the generation that never throws anything away. Their previous trip to Australia was before I was born, as was the expiration date on the bottom of the jar (1988). I know because I checked my grandmother’s pantry during a visit in 2015. Vegemite around 12 years past it’s expiration date is not tasty.

If you follow these three steps and still don’t like Vegemite, well you probably just don’t like Vegemite.

But if you do like Vegemite, now that you’ve got the basic steps, give these three different ways to eat it try.

  1. Vegemite on buttered toast is as simple as it gets. Lightly toast your bread and butter while it is still warm, apply a small amount of Vegemite, and enjoy.
  2. Vegemite and avocado can be prepared as instructed above. Then place avocado slices on top and enjoy.
  3. Vegemite sandwich is a lunchtime variation notably different from its breakfast counterpart characterized by two slices of bread, buttered (optional) and Vegemite applied. Place a slice of cheddar cheese in the middle. It’s my understanding other variations are out there including the additions of lettuce, tomato, and/or avocado. Most recently learned of a Vegemite sandwich with hot chips (thick cut french fries) or crunchy chips (potato chips), which I haven’t tried as of yet.

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