Hike Multnomah Falls, Oregon

Going to Portland, Oregon for me is always a comforting place to go. It’s close enough to where I grew up we would go there during my childhood but far enough it was always novel. Portland’s unique sense of weirdness and city attractions has assured my continued visits as an adult. But for some reason, I never explored the area right around Portland until last year.

I discovered an amazing place about a half hour outside of the city: Multnomah Falls. This area has a moderate 2.2 mi (3.5 km) hike with 700 ft. (213 m.) elevation gain. Alternatively, there is a 5.4 mi. (8.6 km.) loop to Wahkeena Falls with 1,600 ft. (487.6 m.) of elevation gain.

We hiked to the top of the Multnomah Falls, and found the view of the Columbia River to be pretty cool.

Columbia River, Oregon, United states

Truthfully, the best views of the waterfall are at the bottom where the trail head starts.

Multnomah Falls, Oregon, United States

We did not hike the loop that is optional, so I can’t advise if that is worth it.

There is ample parking, and it is free. There are no fees to visit the falls.

Amenities include a visitor center at the start of the trail providing maps and toilets (and items for sale such as ice cream).

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