A walk on the Wild Side: Wildlife Encounters in Brisbane City

I love the outdoors, so I often plan lots of trips outside in places where I can interact with nature. It is particularly special in urban environments when you get a blend unique wildlife in an urban center. Brisbane, however, had more unique residents than most urban centers, so it was pretty exciting.

We found lots of these guys reside in the Roma Street Parkland. They’re a bit shy, but tread lightly and you’ll get to see more than a retreating tail.

Wildlife in Brisbane City

An ibis bird scavenges the dining area in the South Bank Parklands looking for chips and other table scraps. There are warnings posted to be careful around them and not to feed them.

Ibis Bird, Brisbane, Australia

People always ask me if those spiders that can eat birds from Australia are really a thing. Why yes, yes they are but they’re not dangerous to humans. They’re quite beautiful in fact. We found a ton of Golden Orb Spiders in the Roma Street Parkland.

Golden Orb Spider, Queensland, Australia

We found some urban wildlife as well, these City Roos located on a footpath somewhere in Brisbane.

City Roo's, Brisbane, Australia

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