Airlie Beach

See the Whitsunday Islands. Book or charter a vessel and go forward and explore. There’s fabulous snorkeling to be had, great hiking, and if you have a larger budget, there are luxury islands, resorts, and flight tours that will happily take your money.

The Airlie Beach Boardwalk is a 3.7 km scenic walk from Cannonvale Beach to the Marina. Our accommodation was about 2k from the city center and very close to this boardwalk so we walked it may times. Each trip was rewarded with beautiful ocean views, wildlife, and ambiance. It’s even lit so it’s great to walk after sunset.

Airlie Beach Boardwalk, QLD, Australia

Dine at fine restaurants. We decided to eat at a cute cafe near the boardwalks end at cannonvale beach and also selected a lovely restaurant we passed on the boardwalk to Airlie Beach side and in every case the food and coffee was fabulous!

Pear Salad for dinner in Airlie Beach, AustraliaSeafood Paella, Airlie Beach, QLD, Australia

Explore the city center of Airlie Beach. There are some lovely shops, cafes, and an Esplanade. I even found awesome Aussie themed Christmas decor on the footpaths.

Festive Wombat at Airlie Beach, QLD, Australia

Take pictures of this beautiful paradise.

Sunset at Airlie Beach, QLD, Australia



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