Climbing Mt. Hollywood

Ever see that iconic Hollywood sign way up on the hill that’s used in every other movie? Well until this week I’d only ever seen it IN the movies. But all that changed when some friends of mine and I decided to go to Griffith Park to climb Mount Hollywood.

About getting there and parking: There is parking for free at the observatory, the visitor information page indicated it fills up fast, particularly on the weekend. Because some of us needed our beauty rest we decided to meet in Hollywood (where there is no parking but you can take the Metro Red Line there) and take the red dash shuttle to the observatory. It’s $.50 each way or free if you have a Tap Card (RFID bus card for the Los Angeles area).

Once we were there we climbed to the roof of the observatory where we could see beautiful panoramic views of Los Angeles. The main cluster of buildings that make up the skyline you’re probably familiar with from the movies in one direction and the Hollywood sign to our back. It was pretty cool.

There are toilets and running water to wash your hands and fill your drink bottle in the parking lot, but once you leave on the trails there aren’t any facilities.

We picked a trail at the back of the parking lot and followed along always going in the general direction of the sign.

Observatory at Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California, United States

There weren’t any helpful signs to indicate the proper directions, so we got a nice random survey of different options. Most of our trails were wide and well maintained, but some of them were not. Our route took us meandering all around each side of the hills so we could look out and see Burbank, Los Angeles, etc. If you’re up for a bit of adventure, this is fine. If you have trouble moving walking more than 6 miles of gentle undulating track and having to possibly bend and crawl down some steep unstable track, you’ll want to review the maps and trails a lot more carefully before embarking on this.

We climbed to the top behind this iconic symbol, and took a short break enjoying the views before walking back (trying a different track).

Mount Hollywood's sign at Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California, United States

I climbed Mount Hollywood at Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California, United States

We had a great day arriving back to Hollywood and finding a cute cafe for a coffee and a sandwich.


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