Magnetic (Maggie) Island

Magnetic Island (aka Maggie) is a beautiful island you can catch a ferry from Townsville. Once on the island, you can take public transportation to your accommodation. We used the public transportation to get all around, though there are Mokes (really tiny cars that resemble miniature Jeeps) available for hire.

Roughly half the island is Magnetic Island National Park, and there are lots of trails and tracks you can take. This is one of those places with lots of koala’s in the trees so you can take the various tracks and look up, and you might see one if you’re observant and lucky. For more information about visiting the national park and its many tracks, swimming, and safety advice click here.

We went to go check out and meet the animals at the animal park on the island (affiliated with the island’s YHA). It was a blast, and I got to get my “take pictures with these animals” bucket list covered in one afternoon! I got to hold a baby crocodile and cuddle a koala! If cuddling a koala is on your bucket list it should be noted that it is not legal in New South Wales and Victoria. I was very excited to meet and cuddle Pebbles (pictured below).

Cuddling Pebbles the Kola at Bungalow Bay Koala Village, Magnetic Island, QLD, Australia

I was also pleased to meet this handsome fellow.

Kisses at Bungaloo Bay Koala Village, QLD, Australia

The island has lots of beautiful beaches to enjoy.

Magnetic (Maggie) Island, QLD, Australia

Know before you go: 

There is a small supermarket on the island. I cried when I saw the quality of fruit and veggies available. After looking around a bit for something fresh, I decided to buy a few cans of flavored tuna and some cruskits. We ended up eating out the few days we were there. I recommend buying any fresh fruit or veggies you’ll want on the island from the mainland.

Many hiking trails have nowhere to get fresh water. You’ll want to have the capacity to take enough water with you.

All and all we had a great time on Maggie Island and stayed longer than we had originally planned.
Being Silly at Bungalow Bay Koala Village

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