Cape Tribulation

Going to Cape Tribulation was the best impulsive decision I made while visiting Australia. It was not on our itinerary, but I’m so glad we didn’t miss it! We took a car and drove North from Cairns. Read about our stops between Cairns and Cape Tribulation here.

We stayed in Cape Tribulation Beach House in a nice private beach side cabin that was just meters away from a gorgeous beach. As you can see we were in the rainforest, and we even had bush turkeys right by our room. Our accommodation also had a pub in it where we ate most our meals. The pub being there was great because we didn’t bring a lot of food with us, there wasn’t a store nearby, and the kitchen was really small so it wouldn’t have been pleasant to cook in. The pub wasn’t expensive, the portions were large, and they had happy hour every day with a great value on drinks.

Cape Tribulation is the only place in the world where the rainnforest meets the ocean. We honored it by staying in a beachside cabin. Cape Tribulation,QLD, AustraliaEnjoying a drink at Cape Tribulation, where the rainforest meets the Ocean, QLD, Australia We spent quite a bit of time walking along the beaches, though I don’t recommend going swimming off the beaches. My reasoning is there are crocodiles in the area (who think humans are tasty) as well as the fact we visited in the summer when tiny little stingers you can’t see could be in the waters. It’s more than just a minor annoyance if you get stung, as these guys are deadly. Our accommodation had a very nice pool free of crocodiles and killer jellyfish.

I also didn’t think this would be a bonus, but we didn’t have internet in our room or on our phones. We could get it at the reception office if we chose, but it was really nice to be cut off from the world. It truly felt like a vacation.

Our beach cabin served as a wonderful base. Though we did take in life slower here. We went to the Great Barrier Reef (and found Nemo) which you can read about here.

Great Barrier Reef Boat Ride to Mackay Reef, QLD, Australia

We took a rainforest treetop tour with Jungle Surfing Canopy tours  where we used zip lines to get around. I didn’t realize they would let us bring our camera as other zip-line tours I’ve done did not allow them. Because of this we didn’t have our camera, which is a shame because we got to zip line upside down during the tour. That night, we went with the same company on their night walk through the rainforest. It was amazing to see the rainforest at night and some of its nocturnal residents like the ones below.

Night Walk at Cape Tribulation's Daintree Rainforest, QLD, AustraliaNight Walk at Cape Tribulation's Daintree Rainforest, QLD, AustraliaA track we noted, but did not climb, was the Mount Sorrow track. The 7 km track is rated difficult and said to take 6-8 hours return.  We didn’t have the supplies to safely take on the trail once we were up there but plan to trek it next time we return to Cape Tribulation. For more information about the trail click here.

For us, this part of the trip was slower but was so memorable! I’m so glad I got to visit this remote part of the world, and look forward to returning someday.


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