Cairns to Cape Tribulation: Stop Along the Way

The North end of the well-established tourist track along the Queensland Coast is typically considered Cairns and it is not uncommon for people to plan their trips from Cairns to Brisbane (or Brisbane to Cairns). If you do this, you’ll have a great time, but you’ll be missing the best part: The Daintree Rainforest.

We rented a car and drove from Cairns to Port Douglas stopping for a visit to the Port Douglas Sunday Market. It was a wonderful market where everything had to be made (according to one of the vendors). We had a wander enjoying mango slushies and other fruit beverages that were made while looking through handmade crafts and taking in our beautiful surroundings.

Port Douglas

Then we stopped for some hiking. We parked at Mossman Gorge Centre and took a bus to the trail heads. We hiked around enjoying the foliage and scenery then back to the visitor’s center where we ate the lunch we had brought with us at one of the tables outside (but there was a cafe open if you prefer).
Mossamon GorgeMossamon Gorge

Then we continued driving North. It was a stunning coastal road so we occasionally would stop to take pictures like this one.

Somewhere North of Port Douglas

That’s not even the best part. After we took a car ferry into the Daintree we stopped at Walu Wugirriga (Mount Alexandra lookout) to take in the view. Its surreal beauty was so enjoyable we stopped for a look on our way back to Cairns as well.

Walu Wugirriga (Mount Alexandra lookout), QLD, Australia

The Daintree Discovery Centre is a great informative place to learn about the world’s oldest botanical rainforest. You can take a self-guided audio tour. There is a canopy tower that allows you to observe the levels of the rainforest. We stopped briefly on the way north and purchased a re-entry option so we could spend more time on the way back.

Daintree Discovery Centre

What’s a tropical paradise without ice cream? We stopped at Floravilla Ice Cream (which also had an art gallery) for some tasty frozen treats.

We finally arrived at our accommodation at Cape Tribulation where we stayed in a private beachside cabin meters from this beach.

Cape Tribulation Beach

This was by no means the end of our adventures in Cape Tribulation! Continue reading about our adventures here.

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