Toiletries: Roll-On Products vs Bottled

Essential toiletries can be a nightmare when you have to pack your stuff around with you most every day. Big bottles caps can loosen or get squeezed, sprays can leak havoc all over your stuff! Even if you manage to contain the spill, you will likely be somewhere inconvenient when you need to replace your products, if you’re somewhere you can get them. And because you can get them, doesn’t mean you’ll be free of a ‘tourist ‘ or ‘remote location’ price.

You probably don’t want your skin to burn, to be eaten alive by misquotes, or share the smell of your underarms with your whole bus or car. This is why it’s important to procure roll-on products.

Roll-on products for sun screen (other names: sun block & sun cream), bug repellent, and deodorant have proven to be an effective hassle-free alternative available at every pharmacy in Australia. I have never had one explode on me as they are packaged in a small compact heavy glass or plastic cylindrical shape of the bottle. The cap protects the s delivery system from being pressurized so even if the lotion does make it to the ball it is over a much bigger surface area.

In general, I found each of the products to be a good value. The easy applicators allowed me to know where the product was being applied and adequately controlled the amount being applied. I could apply easily even in the dark.

What of the cons? Honestly, except for an unfortunate incident where I dropped my open sun-cream directly in the sand, there really isn’t one. But due to the personal nature of the applicator, you may not want to share with others.

It may be a weird quirk, but I will never take big bottles or tubes of sun cream to Australia again, and I hope to see such packaging become available in the USA someday.

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