Visit Royal National Park Without Visiting Royal National Park

The worlds second oldest National Park (after Yellowstone National Park) isn’t much more than a train ride from Sydney’s City Centre. We looked forward to our stay in Cronulla and figured we’d spend some time in the Royal National Park while we were nearby. What happened, however, was something I didn’t expect. We Visited the Royal National Park twice without ever visiting the Royal National Park. Here’s how you can do the same:

Ride the historic tram to Royal National Park operated by the Sydney Tramway Museum. This short and sweet ride, sometimes referred to as the “bush land cruise”, transports you metaphorically on a journey through time and literally from the display hall to the Royal National Park. You can stop off and take some hikes and catch another tram back or turn around and return directly. The tickets to ride the historic tram is good for the day meaning you can ride to your heart’s content. The museum itself is great for all ages. I saw children enjoying their visit more than I was (and I had a great time). The museum has some novelty items including a historic prison tram and the restoration effort of the volunteers who run the museum is to be commended.

Historic Tram Ride from Sydney Tramway Museum to Royal National Park, NSW, Australia

Historic Tram Ride from Sydney Tramway Museum to Royal National Park

Take a cruise 

We checked in with a local ferry company about taking the ferry from Cronulla to Bundeena with the plans to enter the Royal National Park. After some deliberation (and because it was my birthday) we decided to take a much longer scenic pleasure cruise that went along the boundary of the Royal National Park. It was stunning and we had a great time.

Both options are fabulous and I highly recommend each as they have distinctively different feels. The cruise allows you to take in the beautiful scenery while relaxing and hearing stories and history, the tram unleashes your inner child. My visit to the Royal National Park, though I did not actually go beyond the parks outermost boundaries, could not have been more perfect.

Cruising along Royal National Park's border, NSW, Australia

Cruising along Royal National Park’s border.

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